1. High school rules will be used.  Skin checks of all wrestlers at time of weigh-ins.  On site  

Physician will have ultimate determination of any questionable skin condition. In any event, if wrestler has a questionable skin condition a NFHS MEDICAL RELEASE FORM must be filled out by Dr. in order to compete in this event. Skin conditions must be treated for 3 days prior to wrestling in this event.

  1. Wrestlers not making weight will forfeit and will not be allowed to move up.

3. Bout system will be used.  The Tournament will be double elimination.

4. All matches will be one minute periods up to the semi-finals which will be 1 – 1 ½ - 1 ½ 

5. All overtime matches will be sudden death.

6. This is a closed event.  All wrestlers must reside in West Virginia.  Proof of Age and Residence will be required if challenged prior to the start of the Tournament.  Wrestlers who have wrestled a high school match or who have been listed on a high school roster will not be allowed to participate.